Your child is precious to you and precious to God. You want the very best for them, and so does God. You want them to make right choices in life, for themselves and for others.

A christening is just the beginning of this and so much more.

The birth of a child is a very special time in the life of a family and we look forward to welcoming you to St. Mary’s and St Peter’s and to supporting you in the years to come.

Christenings, or Baptisms as they’re sometimes called, at St. Mary’s and St Peter’s can take place main Sunday service or usually on the first Sunday in the month at 12:30pm. To give you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have and to help you familiarise yourself with the service, you are invited to a preparation evening a month or so before the ceremony. This will last about an hour. Your Godparents will also receive an invitation to attend.

Godparents need to be baptised and the tradition is to have three (usually two of the same sex as the child) we would want to encourage you not to choose more than four godparents. Choose them with care – not just because they have recently become friends or because you feel you ought to. Ask yourself: will they help our child to know and love the Lord Jesus and follow the Christian way?

Come and speak to us on a Monday evening between 5pm and 6pm, at our ‘Business Hour, in the Parish Centre behind St Mary’s Church, Dalton. You can also phone the Parish Administrator, Sylvia, on (Sylvia’s number) to make some initial enquiries.

Have a look at the Church of England Christenings website for more information. The website has guides for parents, Godparents and guests.

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