Churches are charities and depend on the generosity of those who give to the work of the church.

How do we spend our money?

We need to pay towards the cost of the work we are called to do in and with our communities. This is known as mission and ministry. This provides for christening, weddings funerals, pastoral visiting among other things.

Our buildings also need maintaining, heating and generally keeping in good order.

If you would like to give regularly to the above work please email our Stewardship Officer Jill.

St Peter’s Church Spire and Development

The spire at St Peters is in danger if collapsing. We have raised much money to be able to start work this year – 2018. More is needed if you would like to make a donation please contact Bev.

St Mary’s Church Centre

The centre was built around 1980 and is in need of updating. The plans are to update the windows and doors, the storage and replace the carpet and general decorations. We also may need to look at the roof as water has been leaking in. If you would like to donate to this appeal please email Jennifer.